NuTrek – Star Trek reboot 2009 (english)

I recently found a video, which said „Enterprise killed Star Trek“. (Klick to watch)

However, I have to disagree with this.It just started to pick up (and the last season alone was amazing). Since TNG, all Star Trek shows started slowly, and evolved with every season (the best example is DS9). However, even if it had some good episodes, Voyager was Star Trek’s downfall. Whereas every other show, has the „great 7“, Voyager just centered around four characters (Janeway, 7of9, the Doctor, and Tom Paris). They did nothing with the premise of two different crews (well, except for a „what-if“-holodeck.scenario), Chakotey couls’ve been written out offscreen without anybody noticing it, the Neelix-character should have been retired during the first season, B’Elanna was incapable of anything, and Harry Kim was way underused (and should at least got one promotion druring the time in the delta quadrant). The constant resets at the end of each episode didn’t help at all.

Enterprise on the other hand not only make use of all characters, and their relationships (and their development e.g. Trip and Malcom getting drunk in the shuttle)., but they also show an accurate portrayal of the unexperienced human race… There is no „prime directive“, they’ve never made diplomatic first contacts on their own, they were dependent of the vulkans (which also had an amazing development during this show), they didn’t know aht to expect on their voyages. Granted, Kirk, and Picard also encountered uncomparale situations, but at least theay had some rules (e.g. the prime directive), and learned about first contact protocols at Starfleet Academy. I especially liked the way, the Klingon-issue (appearance) was handled. It also makes sense, if you take into account, that Kirk (Shatner) had no problem with the different types of Klingons. During his era, there were some Klingons with ridged foreheads (ongoing from TMP), and others without them (TOS). You could even see Star Trek VI’s Gorkon, and Chang as the „missing links“ during the recovery of the Klingon race from the augment-incident in Enterprise. As far as the Borg-episode in ENT goes. Even that was handled well. They used elements, which already were established in First Contact), and set the path for the Borg-encounters during TNG. (This is another botched attempt from Voyager. According to 7of9’s backstory, the Hanson’s should have discovered the Borg way before Picard’s Enterprise in „Q Who“.) Since only a couple of people actually know abbout that incident, it must’ve been easy for Starfleet’s secret service to keep it under wraps, and also secretly planning weapons to fight this future enemy (see „Best of both worlds“. There’s no way, that Starfleet could come up with some strategies against that kind of enemy within a the few months, that have passed).

Finally, about the 2009-Star Trek (and beyond). Seeing at as just a generic SciFi-movie, it is okay, at best. But as a Star Trek movie it failed (at least, in my opinion). The ship itself is just plain ugly. The engineering/browery is ridiculous (the size, as well as the look), and the bridge is at least 20 years ahead of it’s time… it is something, one would expect on the Excelsior. Quinto as Spock is okay, and Urban did a great job as McCoy. But the rest is just miscast. John Cho (I havn’t seen him in anything else, yet) seems to be cast, just because he ’s asian. Zoe Saldana, at no point screams „communications officer“. She’s just (nowadays typical) a „I’m here… I’m female… I can do anything“-character. And don’t get me started on her out-of-nowhere-relationship with Spock… They could have easily expanded on Nurse Chapel. Anton Yelchin (may he rest in peace) tries too hard to represent the stereotype-Chekov… and unfortunally way overdoes the accent, and acts way to green for that character. Next is Simon Pegg, who I actually only know from his stint in Dr. Who. He seems so out-of-touch with his actually job (not the engineering-stuff, but as a Sterfleet officer). James Doohan’s interpretation was referenced as a „miracle worker“, but this wovie just exaggerates it, and elevates him to a living, comedic Deus-Ex-Machina. The transwarp-transporter-thing is just atrocious. I mean: 1.) This could easily been avoided by just taking Kirk to the brig, and let him bribe/persuade Scotty with something (maybe a bottle of booze, which is „green“?). Also: if this technology exits: Why wouldn’t/shouldnÄt Starfleet take advantage of this? Not just for the aspect of exploration (it was seid in that video, that Starfleet would send ships first), but for rescue missions? Considering the huge constructs Starfleet produces (Starbase 1 in Earths Orbit in the original timeline, or even the Vengeance of the Kelvin-timeline): why don’t they build a huge „Starbase 1“-sized-transwarp-transporter to immediatly transport ships in need, as soon, as they recieve their distress call (think about the El-Aurian-transports in ST VII – Generations, or, considering the academy, an easy solution for the „Kobayashi Maru“-scenario)? Speaking of „Scotty“: what is it with Keenser? He’s just an unnecassary sidekick. He doesn’t serve any purpose… and, to be honest, just by „being there“, he annoys me. Finally, we come to Kirk… James T. Kirk… Thorne in the side of the Klingon empire… sole winner of the „Kobayashi Maru“-scenario,… multiple savior of the human race and the federation… I’ve got to admit, that Shatner’s performance in TOS wasn’t perfect, but he defines James T. Kirk. His Kirk is confident, capable of various conflicts, and medicore in diplomatics. Pine’s Kirk, however is just cocky, accepts „almost“ no responsibility, and comes along as a milksop. We all know, that Kirk cheated at the „Kobayashi-Maru“, but being that overconfident, and playing with/eating an apple? That’s just too much. Paine’s Kirk doesn’t seem to be capable of doing anything at all by himsellf. He’s never shown any charisma, or leadership ability, at all. (On a sidenote: Even now, after seven years, and with a third movie, he just seems too young.) As far as NuTrek goes: I can live with Spock, and McCoy. everbody else is just either a parody of what they should be, or plain inappropriate.


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